Computer Virus Removal – Repair

Computer Virus Removal & Repair

Computer virus attacks is common place now and can be disastrous for your security and data. If your computer is running slow, behaving strangely, locked out of your files or you notice your mouse move automatically across the screen then your Computer probably has a Virus or Spy-Ware and needs expert Computer Virus Removal and Repair.

We at AA Computer Zone can help diagnose and Remove the Virus with little to no loss of your data and have you back up and running in no time.

Please note: Sometimes in worst case scenarios the virus can completely corrupt the operating system which will ultimately result in a fresh installation or installation repair on your computer but we can still save your valuable data provided the drive hasn’t been corrupted, wiped or encrypted.

Computer Virus Symptoms

  • Computer running slow
  • Pop-ups automatically showing up on the screen
  • Programs running on their own
  • Automatic multiplying / duplicating files
  • Presence of unknown files and applications on the computer
  • Files getting deleted or corrupted
  • Strange things are happening that don’t normally
  • Strange graphics or pictures are appearing
  • Computer is turning off automatically
  • Unknown music is being played
  • Mouse cursor moving on its own

What you can do to Reduce Virus Damage

If you think you have a Computer Virus and your data or security is at risk then the best thing to do is: Disconnect your computer from the internet, run a Virus Scan if this fails or symptoms are still showing then its time to contact us for help. (Leave your computer disconnected from the internet to stop further damage to your system) Call us for help with Virus Removal

Common Computer Virus Types

Boot Sector Virus
Infects the master boot record, and it mostly spreads through the removable media. It is a complex task to remove this virus and often requires the system to be formatted.

Direct-Action Virus
Remains dormant on a computer until the file containing the virus is executed.

Resident Virus
Inserts itself in a computer system’s memory. It is hard to identify the virus, and it is equally tough to remove it.

Multipartite Virus
Infects and spreads in multiple ways. This virus infects both the program files and the system sectors.

Polymorphic Virus
Is more capable of altering its signature pattern whenever it replicates thereby rendering it hard to be detected.

Overwrite Virus
Spreads through emails and deletes all the files it infects.

Spacefiller Virus
Is also known as Cavity Virus; it occupies the empty spaces between the codes. It does not harm the files.

File Infector Virus
Is also known as Parasitic Virus because it comes attached to program files, such as .COM or .EXE files. The best way to detect file infector viruses is to use virus detector software.

If you’re not sure if your computer has a virus or would like more information then please get in touch with us directly via contact form below.